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Celeberity Mulberry 2013

 Eleven Mulberry Bags(and the other Hermès Birkin) lined the ground in front of the company’s celebrity front row at Claridge’s this morning. There initially were fashion show regulars (so conveniently narrow-of-hip that one could cram an awful lot of ‘em onto just one bench) including Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo (we still haven’t worked out what Palermo actually does – has anyone?).
The actress count included Lady Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) and Anna Bates (Joanne Froggat) from Downton Abbey , plus Sylvia Tietjens (Rebecca Hall) from Parade’s End . Gillian Anderson looked so extremely beautiful devoid of visible signs of artificial tinkering (barely a scrap of make up, no post-surgery rictus) that this editors opposite were speculating wildly by what her secret could possibly be.

Jessica Ennis was there too, toting a Mulberry Bags Collections and sporting super-glossy hair. She confessed how the kit in which she won Olympic gold all stacked up in a very jumble in her spare-room in your own home, but added that she’s contemplating getting some of computer framed for posterity. Kate Moss, meanwhile, reported that she is going to the pub tomorrow. Lana Del Rey said she thought the show was “amazing, really beautiful”, before being reminded by her representative that she was under contract to be speechless.

With all of this front-row hoo-ha Emma Hill’s collection was required to compete hard for attention. This it did by lining the way into Claridge’s with acid pastel garden gnomes and garlanding the catwalk with climbing roses: the show was themed around an English garden. From racy, oversized biker jackets to staid long peacoats via side-pleated skirts and gardening-unsuitable booties, Mulberry Bags most everything featured kooky floral or gecko motifs. Pleated-at-the-neck shirts in apricot and sunflower yellow (motif-free) were demure yet devastating, clearly there was a lovely Windsor-collar gecko jacquard suit, along with a three-yr old poodle named Max made his London fashion week debut wearing a matching jacquard ‘dog peacoat’.

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